Increase revenue from new and existing customers

Increase loyalty and ARPU from your SME customers
by offering them a straightforward online tool to
create mobile-friendly websites and online shops.

EMS will set up the platform with your branding and run it on your behalf. There’s no upfront investment or on-going costs to worry about, EMS Kommand is provided on a revenue-share model, so you can quickly benefit from:


  • Additional recurring revenues
  • Increased customer retention
  • Real competitive differentiation
  • Integration with your billing systems
  • No CAPEX thanks to revenue share model



It’s a very attractive proposition for your SME customers, as they gain a simple way to establish a website, trade online and build their business. Your offering to them:


  • Easily create a business website
  • Make more money with your own online shop
  • Websites work well on all devices: PCs, tablets and mobiles
  • Feature rich, easy to use and will never go out of date
  • Off the shelf price point with a 30-day free trial

Add a competitive edge to your SME offerings

EMS Kommand presents a straightforward opportunity to attract more SME customers, build loyalty and increase regular revenues all without the risk of any capital expenditure.

EMS Kommand makes it easy to create a professional website that looks great and works well on any device – computer, tablet or mobile.


  • Easily add your own logo and branding
  • Edit text and images in seconds
  • Simple drag-and-drop editing
  • Add maps, forms, blogs and more
  • Local language options




One of the most appealing features of EMS Kommand is the ability to create an online store. Your customers can build a dedicated store or add it to their existing website, making the feature an attractive offering in its own right.


  • Easily build and manage an online catalogue
  • Product pages can include multiple images
  • Grid or list view plus search functionality
  • Integrated basket and simple checkout
  • Link to PayPal or other transaction gateways

What makes this a good product for carriers to offer?

Carriers have a captive audience of untapped SME / SOHO customers. EMS Kommand offers a straightforward way to add more value to your service, differentiate your brand, and increase ARPU without any upfront investment.


Why is there no upfront investment?

We offer EMS Kommand using a revenue-share model. This allows you to adopt it without any capital expenditure. It also allows us to maintain the platform and add new features.


Is this a white label solution?

Yes. It can be branded with your logo, colours, etc. Also, there’s the flexibility to integrate it with your existing billing systems.





What type of installation is it?

This is a cloud-based solution, so you can use a web address of your choice or integrate it with your existing site.


Who maintains the platform?

EMS Kommand maintains, provides support and has a feature upgrade path for the platform.


Do I need to pay any fixed annual fees?

No, the whole solution is based on a revenue share.


Is the platform upgraded with new features?

The platform gets upgraded on a road map of features as part of the partnership agreement, this keeps the platform current and up to date with the latest internet trends.