Get more business using Wi-Fi

Safely open up your Wi-Fi to the public and make money out of advertising, paid-for access, customer profiling and targeted promotions

Restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, waiting room’s ­– these days, people expect Wi-Fi and LTE wherever they go. Use Socifi Wi-Fi and LTE Monetization to safely open up your current network signal to the public and you can also:


  • Sell media space to advertisers
  • Provide premium paid-for access
  • Promote your own products and services
  • Collect and use valuable customer data and analytics
  • Collect feedback through surveys
  • Run targeted promotions and build customer loyalty through location based customer services 

The Socifi platform can be set up and left to generate revenue for you from third-party ad campaigns, or you can actively use it to promote your own products and services. You can even collect visitor information, analyse it and export it into popular marketing tools like Mailchimp and Salesforce.


  • The easy way to monetize – investment-free, ad-sponsored
  • Convert unknown visitors into known customers
  • Highly effective – 100% engagement, up to 80% click-through
  • Proven solution in use by major brands worldwide
  • Completely scalable, available as a retail kit or as a bespoke solution

Put your Wi-Fi to work

Socifi allows organisation off all sizes to benefit from  advanced online marketing and revenue generation simply by using the Wi-Fi network you already have in place.